Benefits Of Taking The Roofing Exam Training Course

In every trade, professionalism is what will make you stand out from your competitors. So why be just ‘competent’ when you can be the best? No one wants to work with a contractor who does not have a license or the necessary permits. For this reason, you need to acquire the right skills but also pass the licensing examination to get a practice license. Our roofing exam training course will ensure that you have the required level of competence and aptitude to pass the licensing test.

Before you can take the test, you have to ensure that you understand how the examination is set. The test is set by the State Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation who will issue you with a practice license upon passing the exam. Our package will take you through the core competency areas that are normally tested to ensure that you are ready.

To be licensed, you will need a passing score of 70 percent. Well, that sounds high, but would you trust someone who got 40 percent with your roof? Definitely not. Our preparation takes apart the National Roof Contractor Association (NRCA) books together with a range of other materials to get the necessary information to prep students.

The training package is condensed and simplified to enable students to understand the information within a short time. If you are studying privately, you will need to go through over 2400 pages of materials. To add to that, you will need to purchase the books and dedicate several hours of study time. When you combine the cost and the time, it is more than most people can afford.

Our prep training is designed to cover all aspiring contractors. Hence, we have the Residential Exam training, which is for those who are just entering the trade. However, if you have been a residential contractor and you wish to expand your trade, we also have you covered. Our Commercial and Industrial Roofing Exam prep will ensure that you have all that you need. The advanced package includes topics on damp-proofing, waterproofing, rigid board roof insulation, spray polyurethane foam, and metal roofing systems.

Our coaching helps aspiring contractors acquire their practice license with ease. Our trainers will help you master the roofing terms and fundamentals, which will, in turn, help you determine and comprehend the exam questions in depth. Whether you are a novice roofer or an experienced residential contractor who wants to venture into commercial roofing, our prep course is all you need.

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