Choosing The Top Roofing Exam Training In Chicago

In Illinois, roofing contractors must successfully complete a standard roofing examination in order to work as a contractor for roof projects. The comprehensive exams can involve a substantial investment in study time and effort before completing the examination successfully. Are you searching for roofing exam training in Chicago? Do you need to find reliable preparation services to prepare for an upcoming contractors’ examination? The Illinois Roofers Exam Prep offers accurate and timely review courses in preparation for the State Roofers Examination. Students can take classes, test preparation and gain training in Chicago, as well as the entire State of Illinois.

The preparation facility provides a number of different services. They are built around two different classroom sessions which are intended to prepare students to sit for, and successfully complete, the state roofers examination. The residential sessions are limited in nature. It is a two-day class. The commercial/industrial sessions are unlimited and consists of an additional day of training, for three days in total.

The material which is covered in the coursework is condensed and broken up into manageable segments. The courses explain everything which is necessary to know and nothing which is superfluous. The class schedule is designed to fit the needs of working students, outside of the workday. The classes occur from 5 pm to 9 pm each day.

In order to work as a roofer in Illinois, a license from the State Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation is necessary. A passing score for contractors is 70 percent. The questions on the examination come from the extensive library of National Roof. Contractor Association (NRCA) publications as well as other published materials. The block of material amounts to more than 2400 pages. To purchase the books would cost thousands, and a student working on his or her own would spend hours in study time.

The condensation of the material makes it much easier to grasp the key concepts which will appear in exam questions. The maximum time spent in classroom instruction is twelve hours, rather than the hundreds of hours which might be required to plow through the material on your own. The cost of the instructional sessions is less than making the effort to acquire all the underlying resource materials which will be necessary to comprehend.

The company offers roofing exam training in Peoria, as well as other areas in Illinois. Call 312-919-6013 to get the training you need to pass the Illinois Roofing Exam today!

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